[futurebasic] FB on Snow Leopard

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From: John Hempel <hempel@...>
Date: Thu, 22 Oct 2009 13:48:07 -0500
Over the years I have written various programs, first in Z Basic, then  
Future basic to help me in my work (mathematician). These do not  
involve fancy graphics, network interfaces, etc.-- mostly a lot of  
integer arithmetic dealing with combinatorial problems pieced together  
to deal with specific problems related to my research, but not easily  
handled by the existing mathematically oriented software.  I have been  
trying to keep them alive and improved over time with the changes in  
software and hardware. I am currently on another round of upgrades and  
have been able (with a fair amount of work and quite a bit of  
guessing)  to adapt  some of these programs using FB 5.4/FBtoC1.4 on  
my Intel Mac running Leopard.

My questions (looking to the future):
1. Will FB(editor) & FBtoC run under Snow Leopard?
2. Are there  good sources of information (accessible to non-experts)  
to supplement  the Reference Manual and Help sheets  distributed with  
these application?

I have been doing some searching through the FB archives on these  
questions and am led to think that the answer to the first question is  
probably 'yes', but may involve problems. I also find in this  
searching an increasing amount of terminology about computer  
architecture, C, carbon, cocoa, etc which I don’t know much about. I’m  
willing to learn more, but only have a limited amount of time to  
devote. Any advice on how to stay afloat would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, John Hempel