[futurebasic] Re: architectural proposals for our "barn"

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From: Mark Lincoln <mlincoln@...>
Date: Fri, 28 Nov 1997 19:33:28 -0500
BMichael@... wrote:
> >"Smart Renamer" -- Given a folder, it finds all objects therein whose
> >names match certain criteria, and renames them according to certain
> >other criteria.  Sample "Rules" might be:
> I like this; in fact, I need it _now_! I've got the whole AOL forum
> "cleaned up", with an HTML "driver" page to give FTP access to the
> software; however, spaces in file names are a "no-no", and the HTML
> assumes underscores. I need to rename every file in the folder, replacing
> all spaces with underscores...

Actually, this has been done; a little program called "Drop/Rename" is
wonderful at renaming and numbering batches of files following most any
criteria you can dream up.

Mark L