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From: PZ <pierrezippi@...>
Date: Sat, 16 Jan 2010 17:34:52 -0600
Correction, I should have said:

PICT-clipboard "works" in Leopard 10.5.6 (with my FB apps and Intaglio).

New problem: My airport card is not recognized when the iMac is started from
an external HD or the install CD. It's always something!

> From: PZ <pierrezippi@...>
> Reply-To: <futurebasic@...>
> Date: Sat, 16 Jan 2010 16:04:26 -0600
> To: <futurebasic@...>
> Conversation: [FB] [X-FB sort of] Last Mac/OS that will write Quickdraw PICT
> vector graphics
> Subject: Re: [FB] [X-FB sort of] Last Mac/OS that will write Quickdraw PICT
> vector graphics
> Thanks, Herbie. A few years back I asked this list about a suitable vector
> graphics replacement for quickdraw-pict. At the time there seemed to be no
> suitable replacement. Thus I continued to stretch the life line of my pict
> apps. Illustrator dropped support for post-script text rotations embedded in
> PICTs. Intaglio stepped in to save the PICT day.
> PICT-clipboard worked in Leopard 10.5.6.
> I installed Leopard on an external HD and ran my apps, copied a PICT diagram
> to the clipboard and pasted it into Intaglio. Presto! Vector elements. Just
> as it should be. Life is good again. This will give me some time to make the
> necessary changes for CoreGraphics, without my world coming to a complete
> stop to do so.
>> From: "H. Gluender" <h@...>
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>> Date: Sat, 16 Jan 2010 17:06:08 +0100
>> To: FB Mailing List <futurebasic@...>
>> Subject: Re: [FB] [X-FB sort of] Last Mac/OS that will write Quickdraw PICT
>> vector graphics
>> Deep and others interested in this thread!
>> Deep wrote:
>> "I think that person who told you did not realise the difference between
>> vector PICT and bitmap PICT, they are correct that PICT is still supported
>> (hence bitmap PICT still works), but I do not think vector PICT is still
>> supported as vectors, even Apple Preview opens a vector PICT file but treats
>> it as bitmap from that point onwards."
>> I suspect you are right with your conjecture concerning the Apple "expert".
>> Fact is that when I had to definitely change to OSX nearly four years
>> ago, I had to decide which software to buy that can replace my
>> Classic applications without breaking my workflows too often.
>> One of the great obstacles was vector graphics and at that time
>> already (early OSX 10.4) PICT was treated as pixel graphics by the OS
>> (Preview, Clipboard, etc.) and also by several graphics applications.
>> Graphics in MSWord 2004 turned out being a real drama.
>> Furthermore and at least at that time, most affordable vector
>> graphics applications, Intaglio included, showed massive problems
>> with the PDF format and  with the EPS format as well (they are
>> related formats). Mostly they did not correctly import, sometimes
>> they didn't create correct PDF output. Import of vector PICT images
>> wasn't possible with most applications and if it was, I wasn't happy
>> with other features of the programs.
>> The final solution was to export the graphics from my Classic
>> graphics application as EPS and to import them to Adobe Illustrator
>> that opens them perfectly (even very old EPS flavours) but evidently
>> it is far from being affordable. However, using it is great fun and
>> nearly obstacle-free.
>> EPS format and Word 2004 is a different story though. In my
>> experience Word-docs won't print (at least on my HP LJ2200) if there
>> are more than two imported Illustrator EPS-graphics per page. PDF
>> vector images are imported to Word 2004 as pixel graphics as are PICT
>> vector images, and all the other formats accepted by Word 2004 are
>> Win or pixel formats anyway. The solution I found is that the
>> CS3-Illustrator EPS-format contains parts that Word doesn't like but
>> that are in most cases unnecessary. So I wrote a little helper
>> application that erases these annoying parts. Now there is no more
>> trouble with EPS-graphics in Word 2004 except that the screen display
>> is terribly bad. However, the printout is perfect.
>> I agree with Deep that the PICT vector format issues with OSX are not
>> due to a bug but to Apple's way of not yet totally breaking the
>> support of the PICT format. In fact at times when I was looking for
>> suitable OSX-applications, I realized that there was little to no
>> discussions in Mac user forums about the then lousy support of vector
>> graphics (professional layout products excluded). Most users still
>> don't know and even realize the difference between vector and pixel
>> graphics: shame!
>> A final note regarding the EPS format:
>> It is one of the oldest graphics formats and it really helped me a
>> lot with saving thousands of graphics from Classic to OSX and with
>> importing vector graphics to MSWord 2004 but according to Adobe, it
>> is now also depreciated. The PDF-format is recommended instead.
>> Just my few Euro-Cents
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