[futurebasic] Static Text Stamper?

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From: Brian Heibert <heibert@...>
Date: Sat, 16 Jan 2010 18:47:57 -0500

I got the paint example now and will save it

Got one question...

I want to have static text that can be stamped anywhere in the window

perhaps I should create a window for static text editor

string:  put static text in here (edit field)

Location:   LEFT:  TOP: WIDTH: HEIGHT: (edit fields)

Have OK & Cancel buttons

and to get the text from the edit field something like this...

dim txt as STR255
txt = EDIT$(_statictexteditfield)

But how do I PRINT it on the screen at a certain location?

Do I use
PRINT %(n,n), txt

or  some other method to stamp the text as static text   
like a static text control? (similar to TWM's static text control, or Interface Builder's)

And if it is going to be stamped anywhere in the window it needs to be able to be stamped in the paint area too

Any advice?