[futurebasic] Re: [X-FB] Last Mac/OS that will write Quickdraw PICT vector graphics

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From: laurent@...
Date: Tue, 19 Jan 2010 18:49:45 -0500 (EST)
Herbie, Pierre and others,

A treacherous tailwind blowing in the direction of PDF
has been encountered by many.

And unfortunately I have not yet solved several
problems regarding working with, and going to/from

I agree that the pricey Illustrator is fairly good at
importing and exporting numerous other formats. But
few of your your collaborators will have it.

For me *batch* conversions of high precision bitmaps
to/from PDF have been elusive. They haven't worked
with Illustrator. (But maybe there is a plugin for
that?) However a friend suggested that Open
Office(=OO) may offer some good batch solutions.  Here
is his recipe for extracting 'all' the bitmaps from
one PDF file.

 > 1. Load the PDF file into OO.
 > 2. Save current document as ODF Drawing (*.ODG).
 > 3. Close document.
 > 4. Rename *.ODG file as *.ZIP.
 > 5. Unzip *.ZIP ---> all pages at once

I get all PNG and TIFF-G4 graphics it seems. Intact.
But not yet JPG... . I abhore the hazy JPGs that T.Lemke's
GraphicsConverter imports from PDF.

There's hope of going the other way using OO, since
the ODG (=Open Office Graphics) format is an XML and
more modern than PDF. If anyone has deeper knowlege of
ODG, I'll be listening.

What about iWork's "Pages" application in place of
Open office?

Another tack:- Metapost is a  pretty good 2-dim,
programmable, vectorial,  graphics language, from
which one can get to PDF. It is by John Hobby. Pierre
could probably have his FB programs write metapost
files. There's a distribution of Metapost in A.
Trevorrow's OzTeX:


It outputs PS and EPS, from which one can get to PDF.


Laurent S.