[futurebasic] Re: architectural proposals for our "barn"

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From: pihlaja@... (Teppo Pihlajamäki )
Date: Sat, 29 Nov 1997 19:05:27 +0200
>we'll go even further, making futurebasic the focal point of our splash,
>so people know that futurebasic is the compiler used to make "tool".
>then, the functionality of "tool" will be what helps sell futurebasic.


>another embedded presentation could tell people who _we_ are,
>what applications we've created with futurebasic, our u.r.l.'s,
>and, for instance, our rates for custom programming in futurebasic.
>so, possible component:  multi-media ad for us,
>          including those graphic-talented guys who make it look nice.

The graphically skilled of this list could design some banners we all could
put to the splash windows of our little non-killer applications. "Made with
FutureBASIC", "Made with FutureBASIC and Program Generator", Made with
FutureBASIC, the easy yet powerful programming environment" etc..

This would be quicker and easier than a whole multimedia presentation, but
of course there could be sound and animation in the banner to make it
really catch the eye.

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