[futurebasic] re: Incorporating images using FBtoC

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From: Schwarz Stephanie <sschwarz@...>
Date: Mon, 29 Apr 2013 22:24:59 +0000
Sorry to have not followed this one up recently - I have been distracted by
another large project. We are happily coding, and only just now are ready to
incorporate our images.

Thank you for your response regarding depositing images in the same folder
as the source code.

I would like to use the command

Picture (h1, v1) - (h2, v2) , pictureHandle&

but I do not see how to generate / determine the relevant picturehandle& to
use in this command.

What we used to do was to use Rezilla to assign a PICT number to the
resource, which worked fine with a function such as :

FN showPict(xPos,yPos,xPos+55,yPos+75,ImageNum).... for example, where
ImageNum was the relevant number assigned through Rezilla

I now understand that we can simply put the required JPG image into the folder, and
link it to the code by saying

Resources "Dog.jpg"  (or whatever the image is called..)

Ken was good enough to send me what my students would find as some complex
code using a CGIImageRef

Is there a simpler way of retrieving the picturehandle from a stored image
resource? We don't need anything fancy other than to display the stored
image at a set of coordinates.

Thank you for any help you can offer us