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I am really running away from TestFillByReference2 because it is so verbose.

Am I overlooking a lighter weight syntax to accomplish what I want?

Either way is fine and I’m not aware of a less verbose method. Clearly, one is pointer dereferencing and the other uses BlockMoveData.

Two tidbits:
(1) FWIW: Apple deprecated BlockMove and most of Carbon Core ( and its relatives BlockMoveData ). See link:

'memmove( &dest, &source, size );' ( memmove( @dest, @source, size ) in FB ) works well as a direct replacement for BlockMoveData.

(2) Reminder: FB offers 64-bit pointer dereferencing:

p.0@ dereferences a pointer to a 64-bit integer (like p.0& for 32 bit integers)

Brian S.

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