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From: "Edwards, Waverly" <Waverly.Edwards@...>
Date: Wed, 1 May 2013 10:10:23 -0500
Wow, I haven't seen that syntax in a long time...  the alternative syntax for "poke long"
I wonder... does anyone know if the .nil and "poke long" have byte order issues?



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Le 01/05/13 12:18, Edwards, Waverly a écrit :
> Is there another method or syntax that I would use to fill by reference.
> I was hoping I could find something a little closer to TestFillByReference, where fileType.nil& = _"WAVE" but without using the ".nil&" notation.
> I am really running away from TestFillByReference2 because it is so verbose.
> Am I overlooking a lighter weight syntax to accomplish what I want?


& @fileType,_"WAVE"


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