[futurebasic] Re: [FB] Incorporating External Frameworks into an FB Project

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From: Brian S <fblistserve@...>
Date: Fri, 3 May 2013 11:16:35 -0700
On May 3, 2013, at 10:38 AM, Ken Shmidheiser <kshmidheiser@...> wrote:

> One more quick question, since I’m running 10.7.5, why is the 10.7 development preference grayed out in FB?
To protect FB from failing ( see short Q&A below between me and Bernie )

> Bernie wrote:
>> Is there any way to set base SDK to 10.7?

Brian wrote:
> AFAIK, NO. The problem is by targeting 10.7 the QuickDraw headers aren’t available( removed by Apple for Lion ), so all the FB runtime that relies on QuickDraw won’t compile. If the runtime didn’t rely on QuickDraw we might be closer to being able to target 10.7

> Are we limited to the 10.6 and older SDKs?
For now, yes.

And, yes, it is still possible to make 10.7+ calls as RP showed in show code for full-screen support.

HTH a little.
Brian S.