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From: Deep <Info@...>
Date: Sun, 05 May 2013 12:43:38 +0100
On 05/05/2013 11:58, Ken Shmidheiser wrote:
> Deep wrote:
>> Actually, the current shipping version was written/compiled in FB.
> Deep,
> When I saw the QRCode feature I was positive you must have made the leap to Xcode. Thanks for the insight.
> QRCoding is becoming so ubiquitous I wanted to see if there was an easier way to add it as a feature to FB.
> Hope all is well with you.
> Ken

Hi Ken,

All good thanks, hope same with you!

Regarding Frameworks, if one is planning to make a commercial product, 
one needs to ensure the license of the Framework allows it. Also, some 
are open source which means you need to provide the source with the 
product, so care must be taken in selecting the right Framework that is 
both technically suitable as well as legal/license compatible. For own 
personal use, of course most Frameworks are fairly suitable.

I certainly use Xcode nowadays, but the "heart is still with FB", as 
others have also recently said! The recent post of showing book covers 
from the 80s made me rummage through my archives and locate my own 
copies, amazing how they remain preserved without even discolouring of 
the paper after nearly 30 years...! They are back on my shelf for 
nostalgic motivational purposes! My various tools and utilities are now 
migrated, just that pesky Cocoa GUI that needs to be mastered which is 
slowly progressing...!

Another approach is to build the QRCode engine from your chosen 
Framework as an executable binary designed for use from the Command Line 
Terminal. Then, using FB and the examples for running Unix commands from 
within FB, build your QRCode generator inside FB by executing the Unix 
command, and taking the output back to FB, for onward processing such as 
printing or displaying on screen? This approach was not suitable for me 
due to Framework licensing reasons, but maybe useful to you if it is for 
your own personal (non-commercial) use?

Hope it helps,

Kind regards,