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From: Walter Lenk <Walter_Lenk@...>
Date: Sun, 19 May 2013 16:03:07 -0400
I asked about dragging a file into an application's window, and 
Bernie posted some cocoa code to do this. Thanks Bernie.

I am not particularly fluid in cocoa,  but I am working on 
understanding how the code works and modifying it to my ends. The big 
issue at this point is that the example uses a compositing window, 
and as I learn more about the topic it seems that this is a 
requirement for accepting system drag-and-drop.

Am I right in this?

I rarely use compositing when does, and since I use a lot of 
QuickDraw routines it would probably require considerable rewrite to 
make it all work in a compositing environment.

Thanks Brian for the pointer to the tutorial. That helped my 
understanding quite a bit, but it is still considerably beyond me.

Thanks again,



Walter Lenk    Cambridge Ma    617-547-7781