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 Speed comparisons comparing the same task by the same person might help even with the obvious issues ( i.e. the person might be proficient in one IDE but not the other ). 

Brian S. 

Picking up RB/Xojo for me some years back was a case of only 2 weeks pain and here I am 2+ more years into Xcode on occasion, it still boggles me due to pure needless over-complexity.

Fact is, RB is fairly easy to use. However, I never could get anyone to provide me with the *best* proper way to fast scroll an image in that thing (such was a single function in FB)…and abandoned it for doing Compositor in that.

Cocoa is fully supported and thoroughly well rounded generally…however…

How a company that can make an iPhone, make GarageBand, iMovie, iPhoto, and simplify all *that* and see WHY they needed to, but yet be so lacking in equivalent vision and simple compassion when it comes to a truly simple programming language is beyond me. One comes to realize that they simply don't care to, that perhaps they like to keep the art arcane and over-complex to keep things for the ones who 'get it'. Or they are simply lazy, or cheap.

But they could do it. They choose not to for some reason.

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