[futurebasic] Editor Window Positions

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From: Robert Covington <artlythere@...>
Date: Sun, 23 Jun 2013 01:06:00 -0400
The FB editor (these days) apparently only stores window positions and size data for files when they are in a project.

Since writing a wPOS resource is non-cool with the demise of resource forks, occurred to me that one way of adding this handy need to singular orphan files is to maintain a log file somewhere in the Editors' private locations, and looking it up upon window open and close.

OR…for future files, write them as packages with the data needed to correctly implement the feature as an additional PLIST or other within the file package. Such would then relieve the PM from having to handle such for future files. FBtoC would have to be altered I expect to correctly intake such files then.

So Log file/prefs file makes more sense that way, no FBtoC need be altered. But otherwise...

FB File Package> Text file for code (same as always) + Text file for other needs, plist, etc