[futurebasic] Re: [FB] Set control alpha?

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From: Robert Covington <artlythere@...>
Date: Fri, 28 Jun 2013 05:08:18 -0400
On Jun 28, 2013, at 3:57 AM, Bernie <fblist.bw@...> wrote:

> rc wrote:
>>> how about dropping it on an overlay window and setting window alpha? Window could be attached to main window with grouping... maybe.
>> That could work. Thanks Bernie.
> Window groups are funny beasts. Here's a start. 

Thanks for that. That's tidy and works. 

This need is for a set of slide show controls. I was thinking I could place some TWM icon buttons over my main window, and use them as controls…but be nice to have them kind of fade out etc.

It's a full screen window so can probably just overlay and leave left or right side of main window , that would give me my old v2.5 functionality, with or without grouping...

The alternate goal here though is a movable set of controls which are translucent similar to ImageKit's approach, and the overlay and alpha gives that. Is there a way to get a mouse click and mouse drag an overlay window? Or have a similar title-bar-less window that can be dragged with the translucency? 

Barring that solution, I was thinking of an alpha masked CG blit of the controls  as a bitmapped rect matrix over the main window, and track the mouse …let it drag the destination rect if not in a control  (border area around controls, but still inside main controls rect).
But I could just track the current overlaywindow rect and if the mouse is clicked in that rect, ignore the main window click and translate the overlay window accordingly.