[futurebasic] Re: Launching Applications / Making FSSpec Records

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From: David Blache <microcsm@...>
Date: Wed, 3 Dec 97 01:20:02 -0600
Jamin wrote:

>After much work I have found the cause of my Launching problems.  It 
>seems that on a PowerMac you MUST supply a valid ParentID in the FSSpec 
>record within the Launch Paramater Block.  Failure to do so will result 
>in the strange behaviour I have mentioned.  As to why this only affects 
>native apps - I have no idea.
>So the moral of this story is, use FSMakeFSSpec instead of direct 
>assignment eg:
>mySpec.fsName$    = "ApplicationName" 
>mySpec.fsVRefNum% = SYSTEM(_AplVol)
>Thanks to all that took the time to send me example code

You should _never_ manually fill in an FSSpec record.  That is what the 
FSMakeFSSpec toolbox call is there for.  And all FSSpec records should 
have a parID - no exceptions that I know of to this.  Your FSSpec may 
work for what you are using it for now...but it will fail if you try it 
on a file over a network.  Use the FSMakeFSSpec call and you will always 
be in the clear.

Do it like this instead:

LOCAL FN FSMakeFSSpec(vRefNum%,dirID&,fileName$,@spec&)
  `     CLR.W     -(SP)
  `     MOVE.W    ^vRefNum%,-(SP)                 ;INTEGER
  `     MOVE.L    ^dirID&,-(SP)                   ;LONGINT
  `     PEA       ^fileName$                      ;ConstStr255Param
  `     MOVE.L    ^spec&,-(SP)                    ;Var: FSSpec
  `     DC.W      $7001,$AA52
  `     MOVE.W    (SP)+,D0
  `     EXT.L     D0

DIM mySpec;0,vRefNum%,parID&,filename$;64
err = FN FSMakeFSSpec(SYSTEM(_AplVol),0,"ApplicationName",mySpec)

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