[futurebasic] Inline Assembly - assem. newbie Question

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From: wilcox <wilcox@...>
Date: Wed, 3 Dec 1997 19:40:36 -0500
Ok. I'm just getting in to Assembly, to do some OSA stuff. Basically,
before this I haven't written a lick of Assembly, and so I need some
answers. I have figured out how to call toolbox functions (eg: CALL SysBeep
() in assem. would be _SysBeep, and CALL Debugger () would be _Debugger,
right?). And this much I learned from the FB Ref. Manual. :)

Well, I figured that much out, but I don't see how to pass parameters with
the toolbox calls. Such as, in the toolbox call DebuggStr, it takes one
parameter, a string. How would I pass Debuggstr something like "FOOBAR"?
Would I MOVE "FOOBAR" into the a6, or a7, or what?

What about functions with >1 parameters?

Oh, BTW, before I forget, I'm talking about 68K assembly. But, hopefuly you
have figured that out already (Since FB can't understand PPC assem yet...).

Thanks a bunch,

Can't wait for FB^III... Can't Wait for FB^III... Can't Wait for FB^III...