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From: tatewake@... (Terence Jordan)
Date: Wed, 3 Dec 1997 22:02:54 -0400
>Ok. I'm just getting in to Assembly, to do some OSA stuff. Basically,
>before this I haven't written a lick of Assembly, and so I need some
>answers. I have figured out how to call toolbox functions (eg: CALL SysBeep
>() in assem. would be _SysBeep, and CALL Debugger () would be _Debugger,
>right?). And this much I learned from the FB Ref. Manual. :)

Well, first; get the Universal Headers(Pascal) file, convert it with Andy's
Pascal converter, and see how it works; usually that's enough to get you
going. (But I'm not much of an asm buff myself.)

I believe things like _SysBeep, _Debugger, etc, have Hexadecimal
Equivalents, meaning that _SysBeep really isn't part of asm itself, it's
like a constant.

For instance, _ParamText is really 0xA98B; some(if not all) assemblers
should know these type of constants, at least for 68k/Mac compilers...

I may be totally off, though. It's just the way I think it works.

>Well, I figured that much out, but I don't see how to pass parameters with
>the toolbox calls. Such as, in the toolbox call DebuggStr, it takes one
>parameter, a string. How would I pass Debuggstr something like "FOOBAR"?
>Would I MOVE "FOOBAR" into the a6, or a7, or what?

You got me; as I said, play with the Universal Headers a bit; I'm sure
there's some useful info there.

I myself am interested in what goes into the Seg Loader info in CODE resources?
Or heck, the _format_ of CODE resources all together; how it all works to
make two bowling balls with eyes play volleyball on a three-d cube...

There's versions of ResEdit; i.e. Super Resedit, that can disassemble CODE
resources; and give you very nice asm output:

+0000  000004  MOVEQ      #$FF,D0                                  | 70FF
+0002  000006  MOVE.B     D0,-$0212(A5)                            | 1B40 FDEE
+0006  00000A  JMP        End.SndMngr         ; 00000C8A           | 4EFA 0C7E
+000A  00000E  JMP        PlayNamedSnd        ; 000000D2           | 4EFA 00C2
+000E  000012  MOVEA.L    A7,A2                                    | 244F
+0010  000014  MOVE.L     A6,-(A7)                                 | 2F0E
+0012  000016  MOVE.L     -$08AC(A5),-(A7)                         | 2F2D F754
+0016  00001A  SUBA.W     #$000C,A7                                | 9EFC 000C
+001A  00001E  MOVEA.L    A7,A6                                    | 2C4F
+001C  000020  SUBA.L     #$00000000,A7                            | 9FFC
0000 0000
+0022  000026  MOVE.L     A7,-$08AC(A5)                            | 2B4F F754
+0026  00002A  MOVEQ      #$00,D1                                  | 7200
+0028  00002C  MOVE.W     PlaySnd+$0018,D1    ; 0000001C           | 323A FFEE
+002C  000030  ADD.L      PlaySnd+$001E,D1    ; 00000022           | D2BA FFF0
+0030  000034  MOVEA.L    A7,A1                                    | 224F
+0032  000036  SUBQ.L     #$2,D1                                   | 5581
+0034  000038  BMI.S      PlaySnd+$003A       ; 0000003E           | 6B04
+0036  00003A  CLR.W      (A1)+                                    | 4259
+0038  00003C  BRA.S      PlaySnd+$0032       ; 00000036           | 60F8
+003A  00003E  MOVE.W     D0,$0004(A6)                             | 3D40 0004
+003E  000042  MOVE.L     (A2)+,D0                                 | 201A
+0040  000044  MOVE.L     D0,$0000(A6)                             | 2D40 0000
+0044  000048  SUBQ.L     #$4,A7                                   | 598F
+0046  00004A  MOVE.L     #$736E6420,-(A7)    ; 'snd '             | 2F3C
736E 6420
+004C  000050  MOVE.W     $0004(A6),-(A7)                          | 3F2E 0004
+0050  000054  _GetResource                   ; A9A0               | A9A0

Just do a search on it, I don't remember where I got it.

-- Terence Jordan (tatewake@...)
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