[futurebasic] My Christmas Present

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From: Joanne at JMar <jmar@...>
Date: Wed, 3 Dec 97 20:34:20 -0800
>Too early to say, but you guys (members of this list) will be the first 
>to know.  :-)


Well, I'm assuming that the FB^3 won't be out for Christmas, so I told my 
wife I wanted the complete set of FutureBasic Tools for my one and only 
Christmas present.  (Can't wait until Christmas -- my wife's gonna have a 
tough time keeping me off my Mac if she gets it for me.)

HOWEVER,  I do have a birthday coming up in January -- would I be safe 
tellinl her I want the FB^3 upgrade for my birthday?

If not -- we've started exchanging Valentine's Day presents.  How about 
if I ask for it for Valentine's day?

If not Valentine's Day -- we also have our anniversary in May -- would I 
be safe asking for it then?

Let's see -- Father's day is in June -- ???????

I suppose if not in June, I could start a tradition of giving cool gifts 
for the Fourth of July, and tell my wife I want the upgrade.

Or how about Labor Day gift giving -- do I dare ask for it in early 

Well, I suppose I could also ask for a present on Halloween or 

Y ou see my quandry -- what would you suggest?