OK, thanks.   Got it to work , using Brian’s suggestion to look at this demo: http://freegroups.net/groups/futurebasic/0::61746read.html

I assume that the CFURL should not be released after a file is opened if the intention is to edit said file and subsequently write it back to disk? Only after no more changes to a file should the CFURL be released?

First of many steps to shift from FSref to CFURL — ‘standard’ file opening with files$ seems straightforward but am not sure about using CFURLs to respond to double-clicked or dragged-and-dropped files.   Have to cruise the archives…

thanks again, Mark C

On Feb 1, 2017, at 9:02 AM, Bernie <bernie.fblist@...> wrote:

Mark wrote:

when accessing a file with CFURL, when does one release the CFURLref?    After the file has been opened?   After it has been closed?   

As soon as you’ve finished with the CFURLRef - definitely after the file has been opened, but not necessarily after the file has been closed.


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