Bernie wrote: An attempt at simplifying the creation of multi-dimensional Core Foundation arrays.
For those who haven’t delved into Bernie’s tool, there are some big advantages( hidden in the .incl file ):

[1] Array size is managed and they grow as needed. Arrays are pre-filled automatically with NSNull.
[2] Array memory management is handled. Coder must release the ref when done but that’s it.
[3] You don’t have to learn Objective-C.
[4] All accessible from standard FB function calls.
[5] Brevity. Creating, populating, using etc. is succinct thanks to the support of the .incl file.

One intangible benefit for me is having it available for the next time I’m trying to avoid using multi-dimensional NSArrays. 

Thanks again to Bernie for taking the time to craft this tool.

Thanks to Bernie and Steve V.V. for investigating a topic that isn’t obvious/easy for those used to standard FB/C arrays with subscripts.


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