Unanimous responses( thank you to everyone who did ) confirmed my suspicion this fell into disuse.

For those that didn’t have a chance to respond and might still use READ/WRITE FIELD, an FBer may effectively implement their own READ/WRITE FIELD by using READ/WRITE FILE with a Handle ( and this is what the FB runtime code does )  using the something like:

dim as Handle     h
dim as SInt64     fileSize
dim as CFURLRef   url

//.... build url first then...
open "I", 1, @url
fileSize = lof( 1,1 )
h = fn NewHandle( fileSize )

read file #1, [h], fileSize
close 1
// use handle
DisposeHandle( h )

For now, and absent a persuasive, reasoned READ/WRITE FILE advocate,  I’m planning to remove it from the runtime and the translator will reject with an appropriate error message. 


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