[futurebasic] A Help screen bug ?

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From: Walter Lenk <Walter_Lenk@...>
Date: Sun, 5 Mar 2017 17:58:47 -0500
For years now, whenever I get a new copy of future basic I immediately open up the package, make an alias of FBHelp.htm from this source:
    FutureBasic 5.app/Contents/Resources/en.lproj/FBHelp/FBHelp.htm 
 and  put it into this thi location:
   FutureBasic 5.app/Contents/Resources/editor_support/Help/FBHelp.htm

 I do this so that future basic help will open up in Safari rather than future basic – Safari allows me to make the font size larger because I have significantly impaired vision and that's the only way I can read it. Help opened in future basic does not allow me to increase the font size and therefore it doesn't work for me.
I recently upgraded from OS 10.9 to OS 10.11, and this no longer works. The screen is now filled with text gibberish in Safari. When I double-click on the alias in the package, it brings the help screen  up fine in Safari, but when I select it from future basic help menu, it just displays gibberish in Safari. I have checked this out with older versions of future basic that ran fine in 10.9 and presented the help screen fine in Safari, but they now just give me gibberish -, so I am guessing that this is a problem connected with the OS upgrade.
An ideas?



Walter Lenk    Cambridge Ma    617-547-7781