Bernie found the following broken FB examples ( i.e. build fails with errors ) in FB 5.7.99. It's possible the list isn't exhaustive.
Most of these examples fail using FSSpecs with OPEN and/or FILES$.
In some cases ( such as FinderInfo Replacement.bas ) newer examples are available, so it might make sense to simply remove it.
It might be easy to update some of these( by simply swapping out an FSSpec for a CFURL ) but others ( such as CGBlend ) have additional older tech also needing an update. 

Please submit any updated examples to the list but please review the other examples for duplicate functionality.

Failing receipt of updated examples that don't duplicate other examples, my plan is to remove these from FB Examples on the next revision.


  1. CGBlend
  2. ColorMask
  3. FileDirectory Demo [FSSpec]
  4. Page Setup and Print Sheets
  5. QD and CG to pdf
  6. QuartzDrawing
  7. Record_sound-with_QuickTime
  8. FinderInfo Replacement.bas

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