Eugen wrote:

I can not anchor the borders of the edit field, using "FN ViewBindToParent( button&(10), _true, _true, _true, _true )”, when I reside the window ?

The edit field ( #10 ) anchors here just fine when a window is resized. It stays bound to the upper left of the tab control. Of course, I'm probably misunderstanding your goal.

I had to change 'APPEARANCE BUTTON _myWindow' to 'window _myWindow' to display the window but I'm assuming you are past that issue. 

Maybe provide some basics like we always request just in case they are related:

(1) Which FB release?
(2) Which OS release?
(3) Which Xcode release?

P.S. I still think the SmartTabs demo is a easier starting point. Not only is it easier but if/when any of that runtime code in AppThings.c is updated, it will be most likely be the newer code updated and the older code discarded. Changing now could save you lots of time later.


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