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From: MAWRPh <MAWRPh@...>
Date: Thu, 4 Dec 1997 03:10:56 EST
In a message dated 12/3/97 7:50:35 PM, tjsmith@... wrote:

>1)  I am using the STR# resource and PG with the STR.INCL.  I am trying
>to import strings with a length of 118 from a text file.  It does great
>and fast up to record number 529.  Then I get an Error message.
>Error #: -39
>The modified resource coudnot be
>marked as changed.
>When I inspect the resource it has a size of 62954.  I don't think this
>is a size problem....if I don't delete the resource and run the code
>again, starting with the record that crashed, it will go again a few
>hundred more then crash.  repeating again it will go to the total (878
>records no crash).
>cures, solutions, get lost?

Check page 192 in the PG manual (STR#.INCL). It says that if you make multiple
calls to a resource, you can fill up memory (not disk space) such that the
call can fail. It also says to CALL UPDATERESFILE(gResRef) periodically if you
make a lot of calls to change resources so that the changes get written out to
the disk.

>2)  I would like to get the modification date/time of a file that has no
>resource fork.  I'm sure you have an easy solution to this.

I have a program and code that will get this and other File & Folder info. If
you want it, e-mail me privately (don't want a bunch of me-too posts)!