[futurebasic] Re: FB^3 & Method overloads

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From: Chris <behmc@...>
Date: Thu, 4 Dec 1997 09:20:13 -0500
>David wrote:
>>Chris wrote:
>>>I don't know if this was addressed before or not, but does FB^3 support
>>>method overloading?  If so, is it implemented by simply defining methods
>>>with the same names and different parameter lists (and/or return types) or
>>>something else?
>>Overrides.  And yes they are fully supported.  If the class defines a
>>method that was defined in the superclass, that method has been
>>overridden.  You also have the option of inheriting the overriden method
>>if you want.
>I think Chris was asking about the Ada/C++/Java notion of method
>*overloading*...having more than one method with the same name but
>*different* parameter lists within the same scope; not overriding, which is
>different methods with the *same* parameter lists between super and subclass
>scopes. From the examples we've seen so far (albeit an early stage where
>things can change) I'd say no.

Your are correct sir. :)  And a good thing I read ahead so I didn't post an
almost identical message...

If there is no support for this, would it be possible to add support for
it?  Of all the suggestions made so far for FB^3, this would be my biggest
wish list item.  Method overloading has saved me great amounts of time in
my current class with Java and, IMHO, is a very important part of that