[futurebasic] Re: FB^3 & Method overloads

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From: Greg_Neagle@...
Date: Thu, 04 Dec 1997 09:50:36 -0800
On 12/4/97 at 6:20 AM, futurebasic@... wrote:

:If there is no support for this, would it be possible to add support for
:it?  Of all the suggestions made so far for FB^3, this would be my biggest
:wish list item.  Method overloading has saved me great amounts of time in
:my current class with Java and, IMHO, is a very important part of that

Come on, kids - we're going from no object support in FB to some object support
in FB^3.  Don't expect everything all at once - or we'll never see FB^3!

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