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From: Greg_Neagle@...
Date: Thu, 04 Dec 1997 12:27:35 -0800
On 12/4/97 at 9:00 AM, Chris <behmc@...> wrote:

:Ok, I've been playing around with the idea of linked lists in FB and have
:run into a snag.
:I don't want to use global variables for this because a linked list is
:supposed to be expandable and global structures are less expandable and
:present another host of problems.  What I was trying to do is create a
:global record that defined the list element structure.
:DIM Head&                         'points to first element
:DIM RECORD ListElement
:  DIM dataH&
:  DIM nextE&                      'points to the next element
:DIM END RECORD .ListElement
:Then I create a new handle with a list element's size
:elementRef& = FN NEWHANDLE(8)

So far, so good, though I'd do this in case you change your definition for
ListElement later:
elementRef& = FN NEWHANDLE(_ListElement)

:This is a handle to a chunk of memory 8 bytes long (enough to hold two 4
:byte handles).
:Then I create my first test record which is a ListElement record
:DIM Test1.ListElement
:This creates an 8 byte record.  Then I move the stuff from elementRef& into
:the record (or at least i think i do)
:Test1;8 = [elementRef&]

What data was pointed to by [elementRef&]?  All you've done is deref the handle
(leaving you with a pointer to two handles) and then *copy* the pointer to the
variable Test1.

:After that I assign Head&
:Head& = @Test1

Yuck.  Now Head& points to a pointer to two handles.
Try this code to get an idea how to do linked lists in FB:

DIM head&                                         'top of linked list

DIM RECORD myListElement
  DIM 32 theName$
  DIM theValue%
  DIM theSquaredValue%
  DIM nextElement&
DIM END RECORD.myListElement

DIM element&, x

element& = FN NEWHANDLE(_myListElement)
head& = element&      'set head& to top of list (first element)

FOR x =  1 TO 10
  element&..theName$ = "Element " + STR$(x)
  element&..theValue% = x
  element&..theSquaredValue% = x*x
  LONG IF x < 10
    element&..nextElement& = FN NEWHANDLE(_myListElement)
    element& = element&..nextElement&
    element&..nextElement& = 0

PRINT "Name", ,"Value", "Squared"      'print column headers
element& = head&                                  'set element& to the first
element of the list
  PRINT element&..theName$, ,element&..theValue%,
element&..theSquaredValue%'print values from this element
  element& = element&..nextElement&               'get next element
UNTIL element& = 0                                'if it's zero we're done.

PRINT "Click to exit."


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