[futurebasic] Re: MacStandardBasic offer any good?

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From: Al Staff <AlStaff@...>
Date: Thu, 4 Dec 1997 21:06:02 EST
<<I plan on starting to use FutureBasic again. I have version I but I find the
upgrade price rather steep. Does anyone have experience with MacStandardBasic;
this can temporarily be had for $ 29.95 which seems very

I've seen the Demo, some sample apps, and a game somebody made with
MacStandardBASIC. The company seems to be supporting the product rather well.
There's even a mailing like this one for it which has 95 members as of
11/24/97. Seems pretty good to me especially at $29.95.

You should also take a look at CrossBASIC. It was a $30 shareware program, but
it's now going commercial and will be distributed by FYI software. The good
news is that the shareware fees have been removed, but the final commercial
release is not finished yet, so you can get the pre-release version for free!
There's some decent support and a mailing list for CrossBASIC programmers
which has 124 members as of 11/24/97. Any programming environment that is free
is at least worth looking at.

Al Staffieri Jr.