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From: Joanne at JMar <jmar@...>
Date: Thu, 4 Dec 97 19:04:14 -0800
>I find this much more intuitive.  You know for a fact that the 'grow' method
>and properties defined belong to oddWindow and only oddWindow.  Having
>methods defined outside the defining class block is confusing and implies
>that these methods are global, not belonging to any one class.  To take that
>a step further, if I wanted to define a 'grow' method for oddWindowToo, I
>think it would be rather confusing to see a two or more methods defined
>outside of a defining class block with the same name.

I agree with this.  

Too me, methods describe how an class's object is to behave.  I'd prefer 
to see methods defined inside the class declaration, or at least have the 
option to do it that way.

However, I'm flexible. I'd rather see FB^3 not delayed if adding the 
option would be time consuming.