[futurebasic] combined .bas/.rsrc file

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From: Bowerbird@...
Date: Fri, 5 Dec 1997 13:47:53 -0500 (EST)
as i understand from one of items on the "reasons" webpage,
a futurebasic (zbas) source code (text) file
will be able to have a resource fork.

that would be great!

first of all, it reduces my futurebasic disk clutter by half!
since i use vanilla fb, i have two files for every program --
the *.bas file and the *.rsrc file.

and that's just for starters. combining the two forks in one file 
has given me all kinds of ideas to make my work more efficient.

and i assume the futurebasic^3 editor will let us easily and
automatically flip over to resedit to work on the .rsrc fork,
calling resedit if necessary, and loading the file if necessary.

oh, and here's a common fb2 scenario:  i work on the .rsrc file,
having it open in resedit.  then, i jump to fb to do a test run.
my fb source loads up, then -- at the very end -- fb tells me 
that it can't access the .rsrc file, because it's already open.
open in resedit, or course.  so i close it in resedit, and re-run.

i assume fb3 will just tell resedit to close the file,
and then go on to run the program, without bothering me?