[futurebasic] Re: combined .bas/.rsrc file

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From: Rick Brown <rbrown@...>
Date: Fri, 05 Dec 1997 22:35:19 -0600
Bowerbird wrote:
> as i understand from one of items on the "reasons" webpage,
> a futurebasic (zbas) source code (text) file
> will be able to have a resource fork.
> that would be great!
> first of all, it reduces my futurebasic disk clutter by half!
> since i use vanilla fb, i have two files for every program --
> the *.bas file and the *.rsrc file.

As it turns out (and this is something I didn't know 'till I tried it
just now)--you can _already_ do that!  All you need to do is make sure
that the filename you reference in your RESOURCES statement is the same
as your source (*.BAS) file name.  Then just use ResEdit to stick all
your required resources into the .BAS file's resource fork.

Don't know how well this would work with INCLUDE files, since the FBII
compiler messes with the resource forks of such files.  But it seems to
work perfectly well for the "main" file.

> oh, and here's a common fb2 scenario:  i work on the .rsrc file,
> having it open in resedit.  then, i jump to fb to do a test run.
> my fb source loads up, then -- at the very end -- fb tells me 
> that it can't access the .rsrc file, because it's already open.
> open in resedit, or course.  so i close it in resedit, and re-run.
> i assume fb3 will just tell resedit to close the file,
> and then go on to run the program, without bothering me?

I would assume not.  You couldn't do this anyway unless ResEdit has
invented some special "close document" Apple Event that it can respond
to.  And I doubt that it has, because it's generally considered bad
manners for one app to try to close another's documents.

- Rick