[futurebasic] Re: combined .bas/.rsrc file

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From: Bowerbird@...
Date: Sat, 6 Dec 1997 16:18:12 -0500 (EST)
david said:
>   It's not AppleEvents that are limited!  
>   It's applications' implementation of them.  
>   AppleEvents is one of the most powerful technologies 
>   Macintosh has going for it today.  Don't take credit from it!

i guess we'll have to disagree again, david.           :+)

appleevents _require_ every application to implement them.

it seems to me that another model could well have been used -- 
under which i could successfully drive _any_ and _all_ programs,
regardless of whether they had "implemented" that ability or not.

one-click follows this model, as does frontier scripting i believe...


p.s.  resedit _does_ throw up a "wanna save?" dialog if changes 
have been unsaved when resedit receives a "quit" apple event.