[futurebasic] Re: combined .bas/.rsrc file

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From: Bowerbird@...
Date: Sat, 6 Dec 1997 16:36:37 -0500 (EST)
david said:
>   I didn't say that.  but when the dialog did come up, 
>   ResEdit would be in the background.  
>   You'd have to switch layers to get to it.  Bad interface.

then bring resedit to the foreground _before_ quitting it.
(after all, if there are no changes to be saved, it'll just quit,
and futurebasic will be back in the foreground, not?
if there _are_ changes, the "wanna save?" dialog would be on top.)

that doesn't seem like a bad interface to me --
it's having the program do automatically
what i inevitably end up doing manually instead.

i said:
>   >   (i'm compiling some very large programs on a very old machine,
>   >   so i pay a heavy penalty in wasted time when this happens.)

>   What's wasted?  
>   You needed to compile anyway.  
>   Notifying you earlier wouldn't save you any time at all.  
>   I really don't see what the big deal  is here...

i'm guessing you haven't run very large programs on a very old machine.
clearly, one of the perks in working for a software company.    :+)

on my mac ii, it takes 2 minutes to compile a 300k program.

in the event that a program's .rsrc file isn't available,
it is only _after_ those 2 minutes have passed that fb tells me,
"oh, by the way, i can't open the .rsrc file".

so, as it is, those 2 minutes are wasted.
because after i've switched to resedit and closed the .rsrc file
(something the program _could_ have done for me automatically),
i then have to do the entire 2-minute compile _again_.

if fb would have told me of the unavailability of the .rsrc file
_before_ it went and did the initial 2-minute compile,
then i would have saved those 2 minutes.

even if this only happens twice a day,
that's 20 minutes wasted out of a work-week.
multiply that by lots of users and it could become significant,
especially since the fix is so easy.
(i.e., try to open the .rsrc file _before_ doing the compile.  then, 
you know if it's unavailable, and can avoid the unnecessary compile.
if you don't want to leave it open, you can close it and re-open later.)

please let me know if i'm missing something here...