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From: Lazlo Toth <ArtVandals@...>
Date: Sun, 7 Dec 97 09:52:26 +1100
A couple of questions...

I have just installed the D&D filter into a PG project, very easy, and it 
all works pretty much as it should. However there are a couple of things 
I would like to be able to do.

Within the same project, I have a string list and a text window. I want 
to be able to drag from the edit fld of the list to the text wnd (which 
works) and have a carriage return inserted automatically.

How do I get this to happen? There doesn't seem to be any field changing 
messages going on with the text window. I assume there must be some PG 
events to say where it is being dropped, but before I start 
experimenting, I thought I might take the lazy way and ask.

Q2.. Ideally, I would be able to drag items directly from the string list 
to the edit window. The items in the list get highlighted as soon as the 
mouse goes down. Is it possible to intercept and process this event 
before the drag stuff begins?

Q3. Within the string list itself, is it possible to drag items up and 
down the list, instead of the fairly slow move up and move down? I assume 
I'd have to extract the string item on the mousedown event and get the 
drop posn with the mouseup even, and sort things out from there, but I've 
only done mouse events in Hypercard where it is fairly easy.


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