[futurebasic] Re: combined .bas/.rsrc file

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From: MAWRPh <MAWRPh@...>
Date: Sat, 6 Dec 1997 23:44:00 EST
In a message dated 12/6/97 6:51:59 PM, microcsm@... wrote:

>>however, i wish it would check for the availability of the .rsrc file
>>-- and tell me if that .rsrc file isn't available -- _before_ 
>>it goes through and compiles the code, instead of _afterwards_.
>>(i'm compiling some very large programs on a very old machine,
>>so i pay a heavy penalty in wasted time when this happens.)
>What's wasted?  You needed to compile anyway.  Notifying you earlier 
>wouldn't save you any time at all.  I really don't see what the big deal 
>is here...

I have to agree with bowerbird. Even though you may have had some includes to
compile, you can't get a finished app and have to close the .rsrc file and
compile again. It might go quicker on the next compile (because all of the
includes are ready) but it still takes time and on an older machine (I have a
IIci) with a large app it is definitely an irritation.