[futurebasic] Re: Mac Number conversion (LSB/MSB)

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From: gadams@... (George Adams)
Date: Mon, 8 Dec 1997 07:39:54 -0600
<Heres one for the thinkers...I need a couple of functions (my brains in a
<fog lately...).

<I am reading a file which has binary numbers stored in LSB/MSB format so
<some bytes read in will look like this :

<73 0 0 0 27 01 0 0

<Those are basically TWO longs. The first is 73 0 0 0 (LSB->MSB) and then 27
<01 0 0 is the second one. If memory serves right, the Mac stores in MSB/LSB.

<I just bet someone has a real fast efficient way of turing those digits
<around (they are in binary in the file). If I was still in Z80, I'd do a
<rotate thru the carry. I'm not.

<But I have a lot of processing to do with longs and words stored in this


<Mel Patrick - theWabbitGuy - mel@...

I don't know if this is the fastest way to do this but it works.
Read in the variable from the file and convert it with one of these two

DIM sourceVar
DIM destVar
LOCAL FN flipBytesShort (sourceVar)
  'DOS format to Mac
  POKE VARPTR(destVar),PEEK(VARPTR(sourceVar)+1)  ' second byte to first pos
  POKE VARPTR(destVar) +1,PEEK(VARPTR(sourceVar))'first byte to second
END FN = destVar
DIM sourceVar&
DIM destVar&
LOCAL FN flipBytesLong& (sourceVar&)
  'DOS format to Mac
  POKE VARPTR(destVar&),PEEK(VARPTR(sourceVar&)+3)' 4th byte to 1st pos
  POKE VARPTR(destVar&) +1,PEEK(VARPTR(sourceVar&)+2)'3rd byte to 2nd
  POKE VARPTR(destVar&) +2,PEEK(VARPTR(sourceVar&)+1)' 2nd byte to 3rd pos
  POKE VARPTR(destVar&) +3,PEEK(VARPTR(sourceVar&))'1st byte to 4th
END FN = destVar&
George Hacker Adams