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From: Jeff Hoffman <jeff@...>
Date: Mon, 8 Dec 97 13:16:55 -0600
>Is it just me, or does everybody here get real strange delivery dates in
>the messages from Victor Osimitz?
>Victor--every message I get from you (via the FB list) is dated "27 Aug
>56" or "7/22/20".  In any case, it's not a nineties kind of date.
>Naturally, when I sort my messages by date, yours then get put into a
>little corner by themselves, and hence out of sequence from the general
>I don't know if your e-mail dates are getting stamped by your Mac or by
>your ISP, but you might check your Mac's clock (maybe you need a new
>battery?)  If that looks okay, you might contact your ISP and see if
>their clock is weird.

This is a symptom of a dead PRAM battery. All of the 6100/7100s I've seen 
(and presumably other recent Macs) reset the date to 8/27/56 when the 
battery dies...older Macs seemed to reset to 1/1/04...I've seen a rash of 
dead batteries lately in early 6100/7100 Macs at client sites...guess 
they only last about 2.5 - 3 years in Power Macs...