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From: Pete <furry@...>
Date: Tue, 9 Dec 97 15:17:25 +1000
>The 80 pictures I create are just a redraw of the onscreen picture
>fields I use for the game creator to click on as they layout their board
>game track onscreen, so I don't really won't to dispose of them.
>Each time I copy to the clipboard I loose a bit more memory. I suppose
>that is because I am not disposing of the Picture Handle properly.
>Why doesn't handl& = 0 dispose of that memory previously held by the
>picture created with picture on/off?

All you do with: "handl& = 0" is just "lose" your reference to the handle
The handle still exists, although you now don't know what it was unless 
you saved it into a global so you can keep track of it outside a local fn



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