[futurebasic] VolRefNum Revisited

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From: GBeckman <GBeckman@...>
Date: Tue, 9 Dec 1997 02:12:01 EST
Sorry to be a broken record, but I really need this one solved.

My real goal is to use the information given by PG UseAlias (which relies
directly on resolvealias) to open a file using the FB Open "R"

Problem:  Both the PG manual and Inside Macintosh Files say that UseAlias
(resolvealias) gives fills the FSSpec with:  FileName$, fVRefNum and fParID&,
which they do...
fVRefNum is not the gFileVol needed by FB Open.  Thanks to Rick, I think I now
understand that gFileVol is really a WDirectory number which contains all the
information about the drive and folders.

	So, how do I get the gFileVol needed by the open from the alias.

	What will eventually happen is a user will be able to go to a Last File Saved
menu item and 1) mount the server,  2)  view the file and 3) have the next
standard open (getFile) dialog be set to the same folder as the file pointed
to by the alias.  (Actually it will also be used to place files automatically
in a folder for Main Frame batching.  Hopefully if a "techie" finds the folder
once, the alias will be saved in my resource, making this totally plug and
play for the non-techie user across a WAN.  They will just choose to export
and the alias will mount the server and get them to the correct folder and
save the file.  

Thanks in advance and a public thanks to Rick who has really helped me cover
some of the ground.