[futurebasic] Re: Software Theft

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From: Michael Davey <mdavey@...>
Date: Tue, 9 Dec 1997 08:01:49 -0600
I have alway thought that much of the issue over software theft is over
blowen. The idea I would think, is to keep the honest people honest, and to
keep the people that would _buy_ the software from getting it free.

In the warez world most of the software that changes hand goes to people
that would never buy it anyway. Warez is like gun collecting, lots of guns
never used. To people in the warez movement the idea is to crack and
distribute, to spend the time using would cut into the time you had to
crack. While I'm sure some people do pickup software they will use this way
I bet it's not the 1,000,000 that many say.

I think a bigger problem, is software that is passed from person to person
inside companies. Be it running 5 copies of something when you only have 1
or one person buying a copy and others taking it home. Beleave it or not I
had a program that I bought to use at work. When I wasn't around someone
copied it from my computer and insalled on others in the same company. No
one asked, no one thought anything of it, they just did it. These are
people that could aford the software and would buy it if they had to, this
is a big problem.