[futurebasic] FYI[XFB]: Various BASICs

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From: Keith Bagley <keithb@...>
Date: Tue, 09 Dec 1997 13:37:08 -0500
I didn't realize the Mac platform had so many current as well as
up-and-coming BASICs supporting it! I pulled this info off of the
comp.sys.mac.programming newsgroup. It appears that at least one of these is
building OO support in from the ground up (including garbage collection, and
the ability to generate Java applets!). Add FB^3 to the list, and it looks
like '98 is going to be a hot year for BASIC programmers on the Mac!

>john roberts (jarobe01@...) wrote:
>> In article <thnhanEKtFpC.4xA@...>, thnhan@... wrote:
>> > I just saw an ad of Visual MacStandardBasic 3.0 by ZCurve Software,
>> > on Developer Depot brochure.  Has anyone tried it? 
>> Yes
>> > Is it the same as Microsoft VB?
>> No.
>> You can get a demo at http://www.zcurve.com/
>> and there is a related site at
>>with pointers to a mail-list.

>> Something closer to MVB can be found at
>> with pointers to a mail-list and other associated sites. This software is
>> currently in an open (and very active) beta testing phase. The most
>> version can be found at ftp://ftp.fyisoftware.com/crossbasic/ with a new
>> update coming soon (maybe next couple of days).

>I havve checked out the website of Visual MacStandardBasic (VMSB) and 
>Cross Basic (XBasic). Even thought XBasic is still in beta phase and VMSB
>is still in the "growing pain" phase, they looks promising. Together
>with Metrowerk's plan for a C/C++ RAD tool, finally the Mac development
>world will have tools comparable to Windows' VB/Delphi/C++ Builder.