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From: tedd <sperling@...>
Date: Tue, 9 Dec 1997 16:17:14 -0500
>  In all honesty, I don't blame people for pirating software.

-snip- (rationalization for stealing)

I can. In fact, I do blame people for all types of stealing. To me, it's
something that you don't do!

Have the masses gotten so used to stealing that it's a no-brainer? Are you
now expected to steal? Can people now steal without shames or blame...

Maybe that's why when college students are surveyed, the results show that
the majority cheat on tests. Maybe that's why employers today have problems
finding anyone with any ability to function with an intelligence level
greater than that of a common brick. Maybe that's why MacDonalds puts
pictures of Big Macs on their cash registers instead of numbers. Maybe
that's why our entire civilisation is going to hell in a handbag with one
big "Duh!".

But, from another perspective, perhaps my time has passed. Perhaps ethics
and honesty have no longer a place in our society. Perhaps treating others
like you want to be treated is out of fashion. Perhaps putting in a full
day of work for a full day of pay is obsolete. Perhaps the days of honesty
and integrity are over.

But then again, if you are perceptive; you may see that all these things
are related; they have a common thread.  The world you want, is the world
you live. Either you understand the problem, or you are the problem.

Food for thought.


tedd f. sperling                       <mailto:sperling@...>