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From: David Blache <tech@...>
Date: Tue, 9 Dec 97 18:05:39 -0600
Pierre A. Zippi wrote:

>add the following line just before PICTURE ON
>IF picHandle&>0 THEN DEF DISPOSEH(picHandle&)
>This will get rid of the previous picture and memory just before 
>creating the new one.  The benefit here is the previous picture will be 
>hanging around at "pichandle&" if you should need it for other purposes.

No.  This is incorrect.  Pictures are a special case.  You should always 
use either KillPicture or ReleaseResource*** when disposing of a picture 

***Use ReleaseResource ONLY if the picture was obtained via GetPicture or 
GetResource, and ONLY if the picture is marked as non-purgeable in your 
resource fork.

If the picture is marked as purgeable, then don't do anything - the 
Memory Manager will dispose of it when the time comes.

If the picture was created "on the fly" using the Picture On / Picture 
Off calls, then you should use the KillPicture toolbox call, or even 
better, just set the handle's state to purgeable with the HSetState call 
and be on your merry way.

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