[futurebasic] X-FB Public Apology

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From: Mike Friedman <friedo@...>
Date: Tue, 9 Dec 1997 19:57:47 -0500 (EST)
  I would like to publically apologize to the list and to Staz Software
for my recent comments about software piracy.  My post was cynical, and
reflected my intelectualist attitude towards ethics.  I didn't realize how
many people were offended by what I did, and to what extent, until I
suddenly found myself knee deep in flames and booted off the beta list.  I
don't expect to be put back on the beta list any time soon, nor to I
expect to regain everyone's trust soon, either.  However, I've now seen
through my rationalization of things.  I admit I have pirated software,
(my copy of FB1 was pirated) and I never reallly thought about who gets
hurt in the long run (financially and emotionally).  I guess this is
because I've lived a pretty easy life so far, with my parents providing
everything for me.  I also commit to not steal any more software, be it
Staz, or any company, and to not give it away, either.  I go to a school
where things like integrity and honesty are big deals, and that school has
changed the way I think about things.  (Hell if I hadn't gone there I
would have simply changed ISPs and assumed a new identity! :))  So, once
again, sorry.

- Mike