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From: Jim Henson <vegasswede@...>
Date: Tue, 9 Dec 97 17:05:25 -0000
 tedd 12/09/97 21:16 sperling@...

>But, from another perspective, perhaps my time has passed. Perhaps ethics
>and honesty have no longer a place in our society. Perhaps treating others
>like you want to be treated is out of fashion. Perhaps putting in a full
>day of work for a full day of pay is obsolete. Perhaps the days of honesty
>and integrity are over.
>But then again, if you are perceptive; you may see that all these things
>are related; they have a common thread.  The world you want, is the world
>you live. Either you understand the problem, or you are the problem.
>Food for thought.

Amen .. There is a teaching concept, introduced about 25 to 30 years ago, 
being expanded and intensified each year since, that the young should 
NEVER be made to feel ashamed of their actions .. It lowers their self 
esteem .. Those youngsters, knowing no shame, regardless of their 
actions, carry that sense of "Anything Goes" into adulthood

I am in my twilight years .. And am very thankful to have lived in and 
with generations past, where only a VERY SMALL PERCENTAGE of the 
population had the "Take Care Of Number One .. ME" attitude that is so 
prevalent among a near majority today

Pity the nation when the youth of today become adults .. 

Jim (^_^) s aplenty

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