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Date: Tue, 9 Dec 1997 20:11:55 EST
>Well good buddy, I for one am getting tired of making the trip all the 
>way to the bottom of my list (over 2300 messages) just to read yours.  
>;-)   Eventually, I'll get sick of it and quit worrying about it...lol.  
>A battery can't cost but $20 at the most.

I've got the same problem... got a new battery, but that doesn't fix it.  
Tekserve in NY tells me it's the logic board, and it costs about $700 for 
my old Quadra 950...  Turns out I was able to fix the date problem (and 
32bit addressing, and color preferences) by not shutting off the power 
strip (when I shut down) that the Quadra is connected to.  So do yourself 
a favor and buy a power strip just for your CPU and never turn it off.  
(well, that's what I did)

You might want to try that until you get your battery hooked up.

Good Luck.

Jeff Hedberg