[futurebasic] Re: Find Application?

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From: Rick Brown <rbrown@...>
Date: Tue, 09 Dec 1997 21:24:36 -0600
John wrote:
> I trying to get the pathname of an installed application without asking
> the user to locate it for me. I've seen this done in other programs,
> like Macromedia Director. When you look at the preferences under 
> "Helper Applications" (in Director, for example), the fields are already
> filled in with pathnames to applications on my hard drive, even though
> it never asked me to locate any of them or even performed any type of
> long search routines to fond them.

If you're talking about looking for a _specific_ application--in
particular, one whose creator signature you happen to know--then
probably the best way is to use the Desktop Database (that's what the
Finder uses, for example, to find an application when you double-click
on one of the app's documents).

I have a demo that, given a particular creator signature, uses some
Desktop Manager calls to locate the associated application file.  Code
available on request (it's a little too long to post here).

- Rick