[futurebasic] Re: Clipboard/Memory??

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From: David Blache <microcsm@...>
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 97 01:31:14 -0600
M Goodes wrote:

>>In short, if you create a block (as with OPEN PICTURE...CLOSE PICTURE,
>>picHandle&), you must _explicitly_ dispose of the block if you want it
>>to go away (it also goes away automatically when your program quits).
>But it doesn't go away automatically if you press command-R to test your
>program and then drop back into FB.  Do this enough times and the whole FB
>partition will get eaten up pretty quickly.  I've been red-faced over this
>at least once.

Correct.  In FB II programs run in the same heap as FB.  If you lose 
memory in your program, you lose memory in FB.  Things will be different 
in FB^3.  Programs will always run in their own heap.

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